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If you are interested in contributing to the conversations taking place at Monday Coffee & Other Stories, please send a query email or submission to Liz Whiteacre at In your subject, please put Monday Coffee Submission.

This is a peer-reviewed blog. An editor will respond ASAP to let you know your work was received and will send a follow-up message within four weeks to let you know if it is accepted for publication. Submissions are viewed year-round, but creative work is published bi-monthly from September through May.

Blog Submission Guidelines

  • Blog posts should be 750 words or less addressing a topic related to mothering your child or children with special needs. Please review past posts on the site to see what topics have recently been addressed.
  • Please submit your blog post in a .docx, .doc, or .rtf file.
  • Please include a graphic(s) to accompany your post in .jpg format. If you do not have a photo or artwork to share, let the editors know, and we’ll help you with this.
  • Please include a bio of 75 words or less as well as an author’s photo in .jpg format (you’re welcome to include your kid(s) with you!).
  • If you have used a writing prompt from the book to generate your piece, let us know which one, and we’ll mention it to readers.
  • If you’re writing in response to a blog posting, let us know which one, and we’ll link to it.
  • We will consider reprints, if they meet our guidelines, but please include the citation information for the original publisher with your submission, so we may give an acknowledgement.

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